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Gerry Mulligan

Idol Gossip

Catalog # 155

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1. Idol Gossip
2. Strayhorn 2
3. Walk On Water
4. Waltzing Mathilda
5. Out Back Of The Barn
6. North Atlantic Run
7. Taurus Moon
8. Just Want To Sing And Dance Like Fred Astaire
9. Jazzspeak
Notes: Recorded October/November 1976 in New York City
Performers: Gerry Mulligan, soprano and baritone saxophones; Tom Fay, piano; Dave Samuels, vibraphone; Mike Santiago, guitar; George Duviver, bass; Bobby Rosengarden, drums
Producer: Hank O'Neal and Gerry Mulligan
Mastered by: Jon Bates
Artwork: Johnny DeVries