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Lilette Jenkins with Doc Cheatham

The Music of Lil Hardin Armstrong

Catalog # 302

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1. Hotter Than That
2. You're Next
3. Struttin' With Some Barbeque
4. Skid-Dat-De-Dat
5. My Heart
6. Lonesome
7. Two Deuces
8. Lil's Boogie
9. Just For A Thrill
10. Born To Swing
11. Everything's Wrong. Nothing's Right
12. Hi Di Ho Man
13. Brown Gal
14. Let's Get Happy Together
15. Jazzspeak
Notes: Recorded Jan-Nov 1988
Performers: Glenn Zottola,Doc Cheatham,trumpets; Dan Barrett, trombone; Bob Wilber, Anti Sarpilla,Buddy Tate, woodwinds; Lillette Jenkins, piano and vocal; Chris Flory, Howard Alden, Guitar; Jack Lesberg, bass; Jackie Williams, drums
Producer: Andrew Sordoni
Mastered by: Jon Bates
Artwork: John DeVries/ Rollo Phlecks