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Flip Phillips with Strings

Try A Little Tenderness

Catalog # 321

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1. Try A Little Tenderness
2. A Cottage For Sale
3. Violets For Your Furs
4. I'm Glad There Is You
5. You Don't Know What Love Is
6. This Is All I Ask
7. Street Of Dreams
8. All The Way
9. Dream
10. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
11. As Time Goes By
13. Jazzspeak
14. If I Had A Penny
Notes: All selections arranged and conducted by Dick Hyman.
Performers: Flip Philips, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, vocal; Dick Hyman, piano; Howard Alden, Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar; Bob Haggart, bass; Ronnie Traxler, drums.
Producer: Hank O'Neal
Mastered by: Rudy Van Gelder, Van Gelder
Artwork: Paul Bacon