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Flip Phillips with Derek Smith and Bucky Pizzarelli

At The Helm

Catalog # 327

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1. Introduction
2. A Sound Investment
3. Poor Buterfly
4. Jumping At The Woodside
5. Singing The Blues
6. It's The Talk Of The Town
7. Sweet And Lovely
8. Just Friends
9. How High The Moon
10. Prez And Lady Flip
11. At The Helm
Notes: Recorded 1&3 November of 1993
Performers: Flip Phillips, tenor sax; Derek Smith, piano; Bucky Pizzarelli,guitar; Milt Hinton,bass; Ray Mosca, drums
Producer: Hank O'Neal & Shelly Shier
Mastered by: Jon Bates/Downtown Sound Remote/Mix Masters
Artwork: Rollo Phelcks