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Red Holloway Quartet

Live with Harry Sweets Edison

Catalog # 348

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1. Hitting The Road Again
2. River's Invitation
3. Wave
4. Out Of Nowhere
5. Greazzy Blues
6. I Wish I Knew
7. Well, You Needn't
8. This Is No Shit
9. Nica's Dream
10. Outro Vamp
11. Jazzspeak
Notes: Recorded 5,7,9 Nov. 1995
Performers: Red Holloway, tenor sax, vocals, Dwight Dickerson, piano; Richard Reid, bass; Paul Humphrey, drums; Harry Sweets Edison, trumpet
Producer: SOS in conjunction with HOSS
Mastered by: Jon Bates/ Downtown Sound Remote/ Mix Masters
Artwork: Paul Bacon